Orchid Species Show

Champion Classes

Champion Orchid $100
Reserve Champion Orchid $50
Orchid of most botanical interest $50

Class Prizes

1st Prize $15

2nd Prize $10

3rd Prize $5

General Classes: the following classes reflect the recent classification changes in Genera Orchidacearum vol. 6.

  • Class 1: Paphiopedilum,Phragmipedium.
  • Class 2: Phalaenopsis
  • Class 3: Vanda species in sections Ascocentrum, Ascocentropsis, Neofinetia, Flabellata.
  • Class 4: Vandaaceous genera such as Sarcochilus, Aerides, Trichoglottis, Angraecoids etc.
  • Class 5: Vanda species not covered by any of the above
  • Class 6: Coelogyne, Pholidota, Dendrochilum
  • Class 7: Pleurothallid alliance
  • Class 8: Cattleya, Guarianthe, Laelia, Rhyncholaelia, Myrmecophila, Broughtonia etc.
  • Class 9: Encyclia, Prosthecea, Brassovola, Leptotes, Dinema etc.
  • Class 10: Oncidium, Trichocentrum, Odontoglossum, Brassia, Miltonia etc.
  • Class 11: Bulbophyllum, single flowered inflorescence, eg B. grandiflorum.
  • Class 12: Bulbophyllum, multiple flowered inflorescence eg B. rothchildianum.
  • Class 13: Dendrobium sect. Dendrobium ( includes Callista, Eugenanthe, Eudendrobium )
  • Class 14: Dendrobium species not covered by any of the above.
  • Class 15: Cymbidium
  • Class 16: Terrestrial species, any genus not covered by the above.
  • Class 17: Any other genus not covered by any of the above.

Show Marshall’s decision shall be final. Other classes may be added if numbers warrant.

Show Rules:

  1. Entries are free and open to financial members of all societies
  2. No plants may be removed until the completion of the show without the permission of the Show Marshall
  3. All plants must be benched by the time specified for judging on the schedule.
  4. Plants must be in show bench condition. Diseased and infected plants are ineligible.
  5. All orchids must carry a securely affixed label as close as practicable to the flower, showing the name of the orchid printed in accordance with the current edition of the I.O.C.handbook.

(Plant label to include Country of Origin)

(A show number for judging identification will be issued to all exhibitors on arrival.)

  1. All plants exhibited must be the property of the exhibitor.
  2. The Nambour Orchid Society Inc. will accept no responsibility for theft, loss, destruction or damage occasioned to plants.
  3. If a flower or flowers is found to be missing from an inflorescence and such flower/s are not present in the pot, it would normally be disqualified. However, if the quality of the remaining flower/s is of such high quality as to demand a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place over a plant which has all flowers present, then Judges, using their knowledge and experience, may exercise their discretion and award a prize.  Obviously, the number of missing flowers on an inflorescence would need to be given weight when awarding a place over a plant, which has no flowers missing. A pollinated, dead or dying flower or flowers on a plant or inflorescence shall not disqualify the plant or inflorescence from judging, but may detract from the merit of the plant.
  4. Rule 8 shall not apply if it is the habit of the species to open progressively along the inflorescence.
  5. A minimum of 50% of buds on an inflorescence must be fully open before it is eligible to be judged, except where the inflorescence opens progressively (see rule 9)
  6. If there are insufficient entries in a class, the Show Marshall reserves the right to transfer these entries to an appropriate class.
  7. First or any prize need not be awarded if the judges consider the standard too low to warrant such a prize.
  8. A specimen plant shall mean a mature plant which has been developed from a single undivided clone.
  9. The Champion orchid of the show shall be selected from all first prize winners. The Reserve Champion will be selected from the remaining first prize winners plus the orchid considered to be the runner up in the class from which the Champion was selected.
  10. Staking and tying to support the inflorescence will be permitted, but if in the opinion of the judges this is considered to be excessive, this shall detract from the quality of the plant.
  11. The judges’ decision in all instances will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  12. Orchids which have won First prize in their respective sections and are deemed to be of award or near award standard by the judging panel, may be considered for award judging with the permission of the owner of the plant.