World Checklist of Selected Plant Families:

Plants of the World On-line database

The Plant List

Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

RHS list of names of genera and nothogenera

RHS. index to abbreviations of genera and nothogenera

International Register and Checklist of Orchid Hybrids.    


All about the Orchid Flower

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 Robertson Orchid Nursery – Queensland Australia

Orchid Species Plus   Species Orchid specialist

Global Orchid  info.  great site, photos & info on  species & hybrids   you can submit your own photos etc.

Orchidaceous Books –  Supplies & Orchidaceous Books  Email supplies@orchidaceousbooks 

Orchid photographs by Gary Yong Gee

Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia  Australian Terrestrial Orchids

Orchid Species Photographs by Eric Hunt